The Gluck Outreach Program - Music Therapy for Young Patients

Well known as a classical pianist, Tunde Krasznai has studied her craft since childhood and completed a University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Fulbright Scholarship. During her time at UCLA, Tunde Krasznai engaged with the Gluck Outreach Program in providing music therapy to underserved people in the local community. 

Associated with the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, the program has a focus on at-risk youth and encompasses elements of learning such as opera, jazz, and dance. Performances are typically undertaken in an educational format, with lectures held before the music is played. 

One of the core focuses of the Gluck Outreach Program is the Artists Program, which involves a partnership with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Through no-cost educational workshops and performances, young patients are exposed to diverse musical styles and the performing arts. Events involve the participation of local performers and often include dance/movement therapy components. In tandem with the Gluck Outreach Program, artists engage with patients in improving their outlook and addressing persistent mood and pain disorders.